CooperVision Biofinity Toric 3 lenses Plano to -20 TO CYL -5.75

3,195.00 3,090.00

  • Monthly replacement
  • Naturally wettable
  • Low modulus and high Dk
  • Optimised ballast design
  • Extended range of lenses available to correct higher degrees of astigmatism along with nearsightedness or farsightedness


Only Biofinity toric lenses are preferred overwhelmingly by people with astigmatism. Whether your patient wears them for a day or up to seven days in a row, Biofinity toric lenses are designed for outstanding stability, comfort, and visual acuity. They feature Optimised Lens Geometry, uniform horizontal ISO thickness, a wide ballast band, plus a larger toric optic zone. This design quickly orients the lens for better performance and simple fitting.

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Optical Power

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