Biotrue one day Daily Disposable Spherical Contact Lenses 30Pack (BTOD) (-4.25)

2,500.00 2,300.00

  • Water Content: 78%
  • Lens Material: Nesofilcon A
  • Base Curve: 8.6 mm
  • Diameter: 14.2 mm
  • Lens Duration: Monthly Disposable
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BioTrue One day for Presbyopia 30 Pack The outer surface of the lens is designed to mimic the lipid layer of tear film to prevent dehydration and maintain consistent Optics.without the need for silicone, delivering oxygen level the open eye needs to maintain healthy white eyes. They feature the same water content as the cornea, 78%, to support incredible comfort and allow oxygen to flow freely through the lens, Bio true One day lenses are made from a next-generation, bio-inspired material called Hyper-gel. All distance vision: 3-Zone Progressive Design helps see clearly close up, far away and everywhere in between All-day comfort: Work like your eyes to retain moisture and given comfortable vision for up to 16 hours Convenient & healthy: Start every day with a fresh pair. Made from Hyper-Gel a revolutionary material designed to work like the eye.