Bausch and Lomb Purevision 2 HD Lens (6lens/box) (-3.25)


  • Lens Per Box: 6
  • Replacement Schedule: Monthly
  • Material: Balafilcon A
  • Water Content: 36
  • Base Curve: 8.6
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About Purevision 2 HD The latest offerings from Bausch & Lomb, PureVision2 contact lenses are lighter, thinner, and have edge design which makes them easy to use. PureVision2 offers exceptional comfort. These lenses are High Definition and utilize High Definition Optics which reduces spherical aberration. Spherical aberration in contact lenses causes halos, glare, and blurred vision. High Definition Optics used by PureVision2 enables the wearer to see in dim light and offers superior vision. The outstanding comfort provided by Bausch & Lomb’s PureVision2 makes you forget that you are wearing contacts.